Ashtanga Yoga
 Primary and Intermediate series
This style of yoga is a series of postures designed to strengthen and open up the body. The Primary series focuses on forward bending. The Intermediate series is more about backbending, arm balancing and inversions. The sequence of postures is the same every practice. This a a vigorous style of yoga, be prepared to sweat. The series build on one another, practice of primary series is required before moving onto intermediate ashtanga. Each class opens with sun salutations, and closes with a backbending and inversion sequence. 

To learn more about Ashtanga click here
Kripalu Yoga

For your body…stretch and tone muscles, release chronic tension, de-stress and refresh.
For you mind…calm restless thought, cultivate concentration, support mental clarity and confidence.
For your spirit…encourage self-acceptance, honor inner wisdom, and invite deep peace.

What to expect in a Kripalu yoga class:
Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness to prepare for yoga postures. The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation. No previous yoga experience required. To learn more about Kripalu Yoga, click here.


"Vinyasa" is from the Sanskrit term "nyasa", which means "to place," and the prefix vi, "in a special way". This flowing practice encourages the conscious connection and placement of the breath and the movement as the practitioner transitions from one posture to the next. As this connection grows it creates an inward appreciation also known as a “meditation in motion”. This class focuses on these qualities as well as on alignment, posture, strength and flexibility. This is a great practice for both the beginner and experienced yogi.
 Svaroopa® Yoga
If you suffer from low back pain, neck, and shoulder tensions, or would like to relieve stress in your life,
then Svaroopa® Yoga is for you!
Svaroopa® is a very gentle and meditative style of Hatha yoga. In Svaroopa® Yoga poses are sequenced
to provide release of muscular tensions in the core of the body along the spine.
While in the poses you will be supported with various props, which allow the tensions deep within the
body to be released without exertion.
As you begin to experience core opening, tensions leave the body, and you begin to experience less
pain, stress, and a sense of deep relaxation.
Your body will become more relaxed and flexible. Your mind will become quieter and calmer. You will
begin to experience the “Bliss of your own Being”.

Embodyment® Yoga Therapy
Embodyment® Yoga Therapy is based on the fundamental principle of Svaroopa Yoga which states that
the muscular tensions at the tailbone and sacrum must be released before the mind and the body can be
relieved of pain and stress.
During an Embodyment® session the Yoga Therapist works one on one with the client who is resting in a
fully propped and comfortable Shavasana. The Therapist then uses specific hand positions on the lower
back to gently facilitate the release of the muscles in the core of the body. The client settles in a deep
meditative state and a deep state of relaxation. This is restorative and profoundly healing.
This unique Yoga Therapy technique is beneficial for someone who is experiencing “normal” aches and
pains. For someone who is recovering from an injury or surgery. Also, an Embodyment® session is a
wonderful way for a beginner or experienced yogi to deepen their personal yoga practice. And is for
anyone who would like to experience their own deep sense of consciousness and bliss.

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