Ashtanga Yoga
 Primary and Intermediate series
This style of yoga is a series of postures designed to strengthen and open up the body. The Primary series focuses on forward bending. The Intermediate series is more about backbending, arm balancing and inversions. The sequence of postures is the same every practice. This a a vigorous style of yoga, be prepared to sweat. The series build on one another, practice of primary series is required before moving onto intermediate ashtanga. Each class opens with sun salutations, and closes with a backbending and inversion sequence. 

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Kripalu Yoga

For your body…stretch and tone muscles, release chronic tension, de-stress and refresh.
For you mind…calm restless thought, cultivate concentration, support mental clarity and confidence.
For your spirit…encourage self-acceptance, honor inner wisdom, and invite deep peace.

What to expect in a Kripalu yoga class:
Classes begin with warm-up movements and breath awareness to prepare for yoga postures. The heart of each class is a sequence of postures that stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. Each class ends with deep relaxation and meditation. No previous yoga experience required. To learn more about Kripalu Yoga, click here.


"Vinyasa" is from the Sanskrit term "nyasa", which means "to place," and the prefix vi, "in a special way". This flowing practice encourages the conscious connection and placement of the breath and the movement as the practitioner transitions from one posture to the next. As this connection grows it creates an inward appreciation also known as a “meditation in motion”. This class focuses on these qualities as well as on alignment, posture, strength and flexibility. This is a great practice for both the beginner and experienced yogi.
Individual class descriptions

Vinyasa Flow with Sarah- a challenging dynamic yoga practice that links breath to movement in a continuous flow that strengthens the body, increases flexibility, and centers the mind. All levels.

Vinyasa Flow with Ruth- A style of yoga that connects breathe with movement. It is a vigorous practice that strengthens the core muscles in the body, enhances flexibility, while encouraging deep concentration and focus. We will start slow and move at a faster pace to elevate the body temperature and develop strength and flexibility. This practice will tone and sculpt your body and heal your soul. Be prepared to have some fun, and discover your inner strength!

MELT with Lorilee- Based on cutting edge science that is just beginning to acknowledge importance of fascia, (the flexible fluid based structure that surrounds and supports every cell in your body), the Melt Method® rehydrates the fascia, bringing ease, reducing pain, and increasing mobility in joints and muscles.

Svaroopa with Amy- Her teaching style makes the class accessible to people of all ages and different physical abilities. Join Amy in her gentle approach to the body that reduces pain, increases circulation, improves digestion, creates improvement throughout the joints and so much more. 
“Always meet your body where you are, there is no competition, no pushing and no pressure. The goal of these Gentle Yoga Classes is to continue on a path to feeling a greater sense of freedom throughout your body and your mind through gentle movements, awareness and breath.” Amy Brown

Vinyasa with Gail-Sun salutes, inversions and arm balances make up the basis of Gail’s Vinyasa class. Each class is designed to break down a challenging asana into it basic components. A generous use of props and humor are weekly occurrences. Yoga is a journey, you can stop and stay at any place along the way.

Vinyasa with Tory- With careful attention on instruction and proper alignment the mind will become focused on the present moment, a quality that can be taken with you off the mat. Modifications will be offered throughout the class making it appropriate for a wide range of practitioners.

Kripalu Vinyasa with Lynn- a dynamic flow of yoga which links the continuous flow of breath with movement and postures. A Kripalu Vinyasa class is for all levels of experience and explores meditation in motion through the lens of the Kripalu Yoga methodology.

Awakening Flow with Tammy- Start your day off with day yoga and a smile. This gentle vinyasa flow is a creative arrangement of yoga postures synchronized with the breath. The class is designed to build strength, flexibility, breath awareness and stamina, while reducing stress and gaining insight and clarity through mindfulness practice. Together we will rise up, start fresh, and see the bright opportunity in this day!

Svaroopa yoga uses precise alignments in the asanas to decompress the spine, releasing deep tension and allowing energy to flow along it. The practice is designed to develop the person on a spiritual level as well, leading to inner transformation.
A basic tenet of Svaroopa yoga is that supporting the pose with props allows the muscles to release. Without some type of support, the muscles will work and strain to maintain the pose, rather than releasing tension. It is that release which allows the muscles to gain flexibility and strength. Props also allow the practitioner to adjust the asanas to fit the needs of their body and address any limitations they may have.