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Pilates is a style of exercise/movement created by Joseph Pilates (1881-1967) Joseph served in a hospital during WWI, and realized that patients could and would recover better if given some method of physical therapy. He designed the first Pilates machine, now known as reformers, from hospital bedsprings and frames. His thought was if the core or center of the body could be strong and stable, then all distal movement through the limbs would be improved. He continued to refine his technique, developing it into the non impact, balanced system we practice today.
Pilates is for every-body, from the complete beginner to the elite athlete. This practice has long been a favorite of dancers, helping increase body strength, postural awareness and create more graceful movements.
Pilates can be practiced as a series of floor exercises, many of these movements will be familiar to yoga students. And those floor exercises can be further refined and enhanced through the use of a Reformer.
A Pilates practice will work all the muscles of the body. It relies on good body alignment, so the instructor will adjust or offer tips or modifications for the best possible movement.
Whether you are young or old, an athlete or working with an injury, Pilates practice can be for you.

Summery- non impact workout, better posture, better muscle tone, better body awareness, increased balance, and just a lot of fun!

Gail Cannon discovered Pilates in her twenties. She became certified in 2000 to teach and has taught mat classes continuously since then. Gail loves reformer work and that is what prompted her to begin teaching reformer classes in 2023.
Have more questions? Feel free to email gail@earthsongyoga.com or check out our class schedule.