Private Yoga with Gail                                Private yoga with Heather Brown
Earthsong Yoga instructors offer a variety of one on one yoga sessions and complementary practices. Whether you are new to yoga, working with an injury or would just like to deepen your practice, private yoga can give you the awareness and tools. Feel free to contact teachers individually, or email gail@earthsongyoga.com

Gail Cannon- Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor, Meditation Instructor

Gail offers a variety of private or one on one sessions. These are a few examples:

Yoga for beginners- Perfect for anyone starting out. Learn the basics of yoga and adapt a practice for your body

Learn to Meditate- Learn the basics of meditation whether it is seated ,standing, walking, or object meditation. Find and develop a style that will work for you and your lifestyle

Yoga for Back Pain- Learn how to stretch away your back pain. 

Kripalu Yoga- Kripalu yoga is the yoga of compassion, and is perfect for beginners to advanced practitioners. Kripalu gives you a deeper awareness of movement, breath and feelings. One on one session of Kripalu are great to work back from an injury, deepen your yoga awareness or just reduce your stress level.

Ashtanga Yoga- A set series of postures designed to increase not only flexibility but strength. This is a dynamic flowing practice. Class is a steady flowing pace. One on one session in ashtanga can focus on modifying certain postures, working on jump throughs and jump backs, inversions, arm balances, or mastering the breath. Gail is knowledgeable in primary and intermediate series.

Vinyasa Yoga- Learn Sun Salutations, transitions such as jump backs and jump throughs, low push-ups and Warrior sequences.

Thai Yoga Massage-  known as 'lazy man's yoga'. Thai massage is a series of support yoga postures and gentle massage techniques. Thai massage is done while fully clothes, and is appropriate for those with tightness, tension, back pain, head aches, and many other conditions

Private Yoga in Studio, On Location, or on line with Gail Cannon

If you are new to yoga, or just a little hesitant to join a group class, we offer private yoga instruction. One on one classes, or small groups up to 4 people. You will learn the basics of yoga practice, names of common movements, and alignment. Please call or email  for available times. Save $ and purchase a package of Private sessions!
Pricing for on line only
1 person-$85 for 1 hour,  SAVE-$350 for 5 hours
2 people-$100 per hour, $450 for 5 hours
3 people-$150 per hour, $600 for 5 hours
4 people-$200 per hour, $850 for 5 hours

Pricing for in studio or on location only
1-2 people in Studio or on location-$100 per hour hour, $400 for 5 hours
3-4 people in Studio or on location-$150 per hour, $600 for 5 hours
Some details:
All class packages pre paid. Classes in these packages must be completed within a two month period.
 24 hour notice for cancellations or forfeit of hour
Class packages for multiple people- all students coming at the same time
We reserve the right to add $25 travel fee for locations 10+ miles from the studio


Private Yoga with Heather Brown

Private or Small group classes are available. Please note that all instruction is on line.

$50 for the first person per session and $15 for each additional person per session. Each session includes 15-20minutes to check in with students’ needs and goals followed by 1 hour of individualized, guided practice. Class size is limited to 5 people per session.

Contact me through classeswithhb@gmail.com to schedule

PURCHASE Private Session with Heather

We are OPEN!!! We have classes in Studio and on line. Please pre register for all classes at least 30 minutes prior to class. In the event of inclement weather, classes will be on line.