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for plus size people
Meetup at Earthsong Yoga
Sunday May 18
1:30-2:45 PM
$15 pre registered/ pre paid

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Have you wanted to try yoga, and then thought its only for skinny twentysomethings? Have you tried classes and not felt comfortable in the postures or with the pace? We hear you! Yoga is for EVERY body, big, beautiful, curvy or Rubenesque. Come on by and take class with Andrea, our yoga PLUS consultant, and Tory and Gail, our alignment and yoga instructors. This class is designed to give everyone the experience of yoga. We will explore balance, breathwork, strengthening poses and meditation.
Learn Ashtanga with Gail

Free Class Friday March 21 6:30-7:30 PM

5 Week Series Saturdays March 29- April 26  4-5:15 PM 

Five weeks for $50 or $15 drop in
Please note that this class requires a minimum of 5 students to run

Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic, flowing practice that builds strength and focus. It is also the style of yoga that brings up the most fear and apprehension.

' I have to practice all the time'
 'You have to be young and strong'
 'There are all kinds of rules with this practice'
 ' It's a cult!!!'

Gail Cannon is celebrating her 30th year of ashtanga practice and invites you to learn ashtanga, the practice, it's history and how it can be a practice for you. Enjoy a free class on Friday March 21 giving you a little background, history and sample practice of ashtanga. Then join up for the Learn Ashtanga series on Saturdays from March 22-April 19 from 4-5:15 PM. We will break down the practice into easy to understand segments and bring focus to the building blocks of the practice such as the sun salutes, the jump back and jump through. Each week will have a different segment of the practice, culminating in the final week of a full led Primary series class. The full 5 week Learn Ashtanga series is $50. Drop-in are $15.

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 Hip Opening 101 with Tory 
Sunday April 6 
3:00 - 4:30 PM

What is going on in the hips directly affects what is going on in the rest of the body! This makes it especially important to find the right balance between strength and flexibility in the muscles that attach to the pelvis. When that is achieved there is a feeling of openness and stability that translates not only into your yoga practice but into your everyday life!

$20 per person
Pre-registration with payment is required.
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{Please note that this workshop requires a minimum of 5 students to run as scheduled.}
Meditation Class
With Lynn Alimo
Friday April 25
6-7:15 PM
By Donation, all funds support NMSS

Come and Learn the simple practice of awaking the mind to the present moment. Over 10,000 studies have been done in the United States alone on meditation and its many benefits. Here are just a few: Lower Blood Pressure, stress reduction, increased longevity, reduced cholesterol levels, reduction in intensity of pain, peace of mind, greater enjoyment of the present moment, more loving harmonious relationships, enhanced creativity, less emotional reactivity, and the list continues.....

This class will introduce you to three meditation techniques: Slow Motion Prana Meditation, Walking Meditation, and Metta/Lovingkindness Meditation as well as several seated postures to support an effective meditation practice.
Class is by donations to support the National MS Society, Greater New England Chapter
Musical Monday Yoga. 
 Monday April 7, 14 and 28 
7-8 PM with Julie Z
$30 or $12 drop in
Live music on April 14!

Moving though a flowing series of yoga poses, set to a weekly playlist. With each week's practice we'll enjoy a calming series of yoga poses and songs as we set the pace for our week. We'll have a little fun with some songs, moving and grooving into good moods and positive outlooks; sink into poses with relaxing songs, and challenge ourselves playfully throughout our practice. Our playlist will vary week to week, with occasional live, local artists to enhance our practice together. Fusing the meditative practice of live musical performance, awareness in musical creation and the moment of body and breath.  

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Our first live, acoustic performance is set for April 14, reserve your spot today as spaces are limited!

Earth Day Yoga Play-date
Tuesday April 22
10-11 AM
$10 per child

Happy spring! Let's celebrate the earth, spring and all things new beginning and nature in this April Vacation Children's Yoga Play-Date. Growing from the ground up in this special vacation week practice. We'll practice a little bit of 'to-ga' in a fun games involving the toes; playing a spin off of the gym class game messy back-yard we'll challenge our toes and our balance to clear our yoga mats of 'debris.' As we move into our practice we'll imagine ourselves as tress, flowers and other garden items as we transform our bodies into our imaginative garden scenes. in this yoga play-date celebration of Earth, you'll be sure to enjoy yourself as you imagine, stretch and movement inspired by Earth Day! 

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Children's and Family Yoga
Saturday April 12 Children's Yoga 1-2 PM $10 per child
Saturday April 19 Family Yoga 1-2 PM $15 per adult/child, $5 additional person
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Join your children in Family Yoga a fun and playful yoga class. Rest assured, childen’s yoga will also enjoy a blast of Spring Celebration too! Yoga fun for everyone! Be ready to wiggle those toes around, for a little to-ga yoga. We'll work our toes, getting them limbered up from the long winter of boot season. Building up from our base, will wiggle around like emerging animals from a winter's hibernation. We will grow into spring’s bloom of flowers, trees and animals to celebrate the changing season and engage the body and mind in imaginative play through Yoga. Next we will go on a mini-imagination exploration through the story guidance of the Listening Walk by Paul Showers to slow our busy bodies and bring our focus inward to unwind. Sign up today to reserve your spot in the Spring Celebration, Children’s and Family Yoga style!

Pranayama Workshop
with Lynn Alimo
Sunday April 27
9-10:30 AM
$15 pre paid and pre registered

Pranayama is defined as guiding or expanding the life force within. Learn how practicing pranayama (movement of the breath) can increase energy, vitality, reduce stress and purify and balance the systems of the body. Experience how the simple movement and control of your own breath can sooth the inner Self.  
We will explore several breathing techniques commonly practiced in yoga classes and begin to develop conscious control of your most vital function, breathing (Dirgha- three part breath, Ujjayi - ocean sounding breath, Nadi Shodhana- alternate nostril breath, Anuloma Viloma-alternate nostril breath with retention, Kapalabhati - skull polishing breath, Bastrika - bellows breath, and Sitali/Sitkari- cooling breath).